“Football” is the craziest gathering around, and the NFL season is just around the corner. The 2023 season is planned to kick off on September 7, 2023. What better way to watch NFL games than with NFL Sunday Ticket?

For the last seven years, the way to get NFL Sunday Ticket has been pretty straightforward. Every customer of DirecTV could get NFL Sunday Ticket along with the associated DirecTV discounts. But that story changed last year (2022). In December 2022, the NFL officially announced its partnership with Google’s owned YouTube TV.

After the announcement, fans were left in the dark about which providers got the rights to stream out-of-market NFL games.

The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, spoke about the merger with YouTube TV, saying that he is excited to “usher in a new era of how fans across the United States watch and follow the NFL.”

So, if you are a signed up for a DirecTV discount package customer and specifically subscribed to DirecTV for NFL Sunday Ticket, unfortunately, this feature is no longer available. But that does not mean you cannot watch your favorite teams play.

We will discuss how to get NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2023 season and what benefits it brings you.

NFL Sunday Ticket – What Is It?

If you are an avid fan of American football (not soccer, by the way) and your team of choice is not your local team, the best way to enjoy the game is with NFL Sunday Ticket added to your TV subscription.

With an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, you can enjoy 200+ matches at high quality in the comfort of your home. On paper, it looks great, but there is a downside. The NFL Sunday Ticket subscription can cost you a whopping $349.99 per season. That is a lot. Thanks to the recent merger with YouTube TV, which has its own subscription cost of $72.99 per month you should expect to pay, in total, more than $400 per season.

We know for sure that for the next seven years, YouTube TV will have the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket.

So, it is good to know about YouTube TV beforehand and what benefits you get from YouTube TV.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a live-streaming service owned by Google. With the YouTube TV basic subscription, you are expected to get 100+ channels for $72.99/mo. These 100+ channels include basic NFL channels such as ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC, and NFL networks.

With these networks, you shouldn’t miss any in-market games. Also, YouTube TV is great to cover NFL playoffs along with SuperBowl.

Interested in YouTube TV? Click here to enroll in the subscription. There is an option for a free trial. You can use that to check whether the service is best for you.

YouTube Primetime Channels – What Is It?

If we are speaking about YouTube TV, it is only right to talk about the YouTube primetime channels. Unlike other streaming channels, such as Prime Video and Hulu, YouTube’s primetime channels allow you to browse new movies and TV series in one place.

What is better for getting NFL Sunday ticket? YouTube TV or Prime channels?

First things first, both have their own pros and cons, so it depends on the situation. For example, if you do not have a cable subscription, it is better to go with YouTube TV with NFL Sunday Ticket since you will be getting 100+ channels at high quality and 200+ NFL games.

If you already have a cable subscription, it may be better to skip YouTube TV and choose YouTube Primetime channels and NFL Sunday Ticket. Through this, you can save $72.99/mo for the service you do not need.

The Pricing Structure of NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube TV

Again, NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV can cost $349.99 per season. This cost is exclusive to YouTube TV’s own subscription. If you want, you can also bundle the subscription with the NFL Redzone, which can cost you another $40. So in total the bundle would cost $389.00 for the 2023 season.

NFL Redzone is a live broadcast that primarily focuses on Sunday afternoon games where the offense is within the red zone (within 20 yards), thus the name.

If you want an NFL Sunday Ticket without the YouTube TV subscription, then along with YouTube premium channels, you will be paying $449 for the 2023 season. Also, you can avail of the Redzone bundle here for the extra $40.

NOTE: At the time of writing, you can get YouTube TV for $64.99/mo for the first three months of subscription, and thereafter $72.99/mo.

How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket in 2023

Once you enroll in a YouTube TV subscription, which you can do by visiting here, the remaining steps are simple.

STEP #1 – Visit the YouTube TV homepage.

STEP #2 – Go to the NFL Sunday ticket section, or visit https://tv.youtube.com/learn/nflsundayticket/

STEP #3 – Select a suitable plan.

STEP #4 – Pay and play!

It is that simple!

Is there any promotion for NFL Sunday Ticket?
Yes, there is a promotion. YouTube waives $50 off of your subscription fee if you enroll in the plan before 9/19/2023.

How to Watch with NFL Sunday Ticket

Watching football with NFL Sunday Ticket is as easy as enrolling. Once you have subscribed to NFL Sunday Ticket, ensure that you have high-speed internet to watch the game at the highest quality. The recommended speed by YouTube to watch the game is 7+ constant Mbps.

Now, log in to the YouTube app, or visit the YouTube TV website to watch using your NFL Sunday Ticket and support your favorite team with style and finesse!


  • When will NFL Sunday Ticket be available?

NFL Sunday Ticket is available now. You can visit YouTube TV to subscribe to the program. The program is slated to start on September 10, 2023.

  • Is NFL Sunday Ticket available with DirecTV discounts in 2023?

As of December 22, 2022, NFL Sunday Ticket is no longer available for individual users, but restaurants and other businesses can still access NFL Sunday Ticket and the program using the DirecTV discount packages for businesses.

  • Is NFL Sunday Ticket available with any TV provider in 2023?

No, YouTube TV is the only place you can get NFL Sunday Ticket in 2023 and is set to continue to 2030.

Final Thoughts

If you are a big fan and want to watch all the heated matches between your team and rivals, NFL Sunday Ticket is the best choice. It is easy to subscribe through YouTube TV and you can access the program anywhere, given you have a good internet connection. The price can be quite steep, but the bright side is that you can watch all 200+ games live. This article hopes to provide you with enough information about NFL Sunday Ticket and how you can get one in a few simple steps.


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