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Find Internet Service Providers in Your Area

When searching for an internet service provider, your location has a lot to say about your options. For example, you may have access to some or all of the following: cable, broadband DSL, dial-up, fiber optic and satellite.

With our help, you can compare internet plan options, learn more about the best internet providers in your area, and even place an order. All you have to do is enter your address for more information on your options (including plans and prices).

3 Steps to Finding an Internet Service Provider

Finding an internet service provider is easier than ever, especially if you follow these three simple steps:

  • Check the availability of internet providers in your area, based on your specific address
  • Compare internet providers and plans, including price, contract length, and most importantly, internet speed
  • Place your order and follow the instructions given by your provider

Four Types of Internet Service

Depending on where you live, you may have access to every type of internet service. Conversely, you may only have one or two options.

Here is a breakdown of each type of service, complete with several pros and cons for each:

1. Cable Internet

Using the same type of cable that brings television service into your home, you can access the internet without the need for a phone line.


  • Easy to bundle with other services (e.g. internet and phone bundles)
  • Simple installation
  • High availability


  • Speed can slow down during peak usage times

2. DSL Internet

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. It is a term used to describe a range of high-speed (broadband) communications services offered over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Delivering the internet over a dedicated phone line, this option allows you to go online and use your phone at the same time.


  • More affordable than many other options
  • High availability
  • Simple installation


  • Slower speeds when compared to other options

3. Fiber Internet

Through the use of plastic or glass wires, fiber optic networks deliver reliable internet service at above average speeds. While availability is limited right now, an increasing number of internet providers are growing their network.


  • Speeds as fast as 1 GBPS


  • Limited availability

4. Satellite Internet

Just the same as satellite television, the internet is brought to your home via a satellite dish mounted on the exterior of your structure. With a clear view of the southern sky this is a viable option.


  • Available to most people
  • Competitive pricing


  • Slower speeds
  • Some providers enforce data limits

The Best Internet Service Providers in Your Area

With access to so many types of internet plans and bundles, you need to learn more about the offerings of each provider.

The following are among the best internet providers in the United States:

While this is a list of the most highly rated internet service providers in the nation, there may be others in your area.

The “best” internet provider for you may not be the best for the next person, and vice versa. You need to consider all your internet plan options, paying close attention to type, reliability, price, and anything else you consider important.

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