Are you a huge NFL fan? Are you interested in taking in as many games as possible during the season? If so, you don’t need to look any further than NFL Sunday Ticket.

With NFL Sunday Ticket – a service offered only on DIRECTV – you have the opportunity to watch every live out-of-market game. Best yet, you can watch the games on your television, computer, smartphone, tablet, or gaming console.

Why is it so Popular?

Like many fans, your favorite NFL team may not be located in your home city. As a result, it’s easy to believe you only have three options for seeing a live game:

  • Hope a game is picked up to be nationally televised
  • Wait for your favorite team to play your local team
  • Travel to the city in which your team is playing

Fortunately, NFL Sunday Ticket can put your mind at ease. With access to every live out-of-market game, there’s no stopping you from watching your favorite team take the field.

While access to every game is exciting enough, there are other features that have made NFL Sunday Ticket a big hit:

  • Real-time stats and scores from other NFL games (all on your screen)
  • Player tracker, which is perfect for fantasy football players
  • Multi-game viewing, allowing you to watch up to eight games at the same time

NFL Sunday Ticket Max

If the above features aren’t enough, you can always upgrade to NFL Sunday Ticket Max. With this, you gain access to additional features including:

  • Red Zone Channel, which focuses solely on scoring drives
  • Ability to watch games on any device
  • DIRECTV Fantasy Zone, which provides access to experts who can help optimize your fantasy roster

What are Short Cuts?

Even the biggest NFL fans don’t always have time to sit down and watch every game. Fortunately, NFL Sunday Ticket once again has you covered with Short Cuts.

With a connected device – such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet – you can watch replays of entire games, all in less than 30 minutes. Available Monday through Wednesday, you only have to wait one day to catch up on the action.

Do You need DirecTV for NFL Sunday Ticket?

Unfortunately this is not available to everybody, but maybe in the future it will. In short, if you live in an area where you can’t get DirecTV, they will give you the option to get it without a subscription. This means if your home isn’t eligible for a satellite dish. Possibly because you live in an apartment building or a condominium complex where installing a dish is not possible. Here are some other options on how to get DirecTV without NFL Sunday ticket.

How Much Does NFL Sunday Ticket Cost?

For 2017, the regular full-season retail price for NFL Sunday Ticket was set at $269.94. For those interested in upgrading to NFL Sunday Ticket Max, the cost bumps up to $359.94.

Even if this sounds expensive, remember this: with 17 weeks in an NFL season, you’re only paying approximately $16/week.

Furthermore, there are times when DIRECTV offers a free upgrade to NFL Sunday Ticket, such as if you’re activating the CHOICE Package.

Lower Your Bill!

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