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AT&T Wireless Mobile Phone Plans

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Review and Compare AT&T Wireless Phone Plans

You can save money on your monthly phone bill and improve the quality of your service by switching to a phone plan from AT&T Wireless. AT&T Wireless has been one of the nation’s top cell phone service providers for decades. Customers like AT&T because they offer the best plans, the latest smart phones & smart devices, popular features, and high quality customer service. In this highly competitive wireless industry, customers have many options when choosing a wireless plan and AT&T Wireless remains a clear favorite with consumers by offering several clear advantages.

AT&T Wireless Features

AT&T Wireless has the nation’s largest 4G LTE coverage network. The company also boasts the fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network. When you choose a plan with AT&T Wireless you get a strong reliable signal for phone calls and data, almost anywhere in the US. AT&T is also on the cutting edge of mobile data technology. The company was the first US carrier to roll out a 5G network, which is available in more than 30 US cities, with more on the way!

AT&T offers the most competitive and flexible rate plans for wireless service nationwide. You can save money by choosing the plan that’s best for you. You can get an individual low cost plan with unlimited talk, text, and data or a family plan with discounts for multiple phone lines. Review and compare all AT&T Wireless plans and find one that’s right for you!

AT&T Wireless has additional features that make it the best choice for smart phone & smart device users. Some plans Include HBO MAX or feature live TV on demand streaming with more than 35 channels. And all plans include data for streaming services, either at SD quality or HD quality. AT&T has a reputation for providing high quality customer service and representatives are available Monday thru Friday 7AM to 9PM CST and Saturday thru Sunday 8AM to 9PM CST to handle any service issues or billing concerns you may have.

Activation and Setup

If you’re ready to make the switch to AT&T Wireless, the process is simple. You can even keep your current phone number. Once you’ve selected the plan you like, we will get the information we need to handle the transfer of your existing phone number, also known as the porting process and get your new AT&T Wireless services started ASAP.


Smart phones have made it necessary for you to choose a wireless service provider with a reliable data signal. You will benefit greatly by switching to the AT&T Wireless network, which is the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network. Thanks to a superior, high speed wireless data network developed throughout the country, AT&T Wireless customers can download songs, videos, apps, share photos, and browse the internet faster than ever before on the latest devices, tablets, and smart phones. (Reliability claim based on data transfer completion rates on nationwide 4G LTE networks.)

Monthly Cost

AT&T Wireless has affordable, flexible plans that are tailored to meet your needs. Individual plans start as low as $50 per month, and Family plans start at $30 per month for each phone for accounts with four or more lines. To take advantage of these offers, you need to sign up for auto pay and paperless billing. The discount will kick in within two billing cycles.

Depending on the plan you choose, you may need to sign a contract with AT&T. If you cancel your service before the end of the commitment period, you will be responsible for any Early Termination Fees (ETF). However, you have 14 days from the time you sign up to cancel without an ETF charge.

Final Thoughts

As a subsidiary of AT&T, you can expect a lot from AT&T Wireless in the form of superior customer service and technology. You get access to the best and most reliable 4G LTE network in the nation with a rapidly growing 5G network, which means you get the maximum benefit from your wireless services, delivered to all of your wireless devices.

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