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Best Cable & Satellite TV saves consumers and business subscribers alike 25% or more on existing service provider bills from TV, Internet, Phone, Home & Business Security System Monitoring, Satellite Radio and Post Paid Wireless service providers. Our fee is 20% of the first year savings, assuming you remain with the same service provider because we were able negotiate a better rate offer for you. For example, if we save you $100 a month for 12 months you keep $80 and we keep $20, or pay nothing if we are unable to save you any money.

With your approval, if we switch you to an entirely different service provider offering overall better service and promotional rates, you pay nothing, other than the new service provider set up and related upfront costs or fees, should there be any. To get you started please complete the new customer contact form with your name, contact information, service address and any other important facts or information that would be helpful in your negotiation including the best day and time to reach you by phone for your initial phone consultation.

Please feel free to call us at 1.800.866.8026 to speak with a live representative if you have any questions about our Lower My Bill service or to schedule your initial consultation to get you started.