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Verizon FiOS TV, Internet, Voice Packages & Bundles

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Reasons to Choose Verizon–FiOS for your internet service

Binge Your Favorite Games and TV Shows at the Speed You Need!

What makes Verizon-FiOS stand out among its competitors? Is it good internet speed? Is it because it is reliable, or maybe even a mix of benefits handed down to the customers?

The answer is all of the above.  But, what does FiOS mean?

FiOS means ultra-fast internet. Verizon FiOS integrates fiber-optic technology to provide blazing-fast internet to its customers. Why fiber?

Fiber technology dramatically increases the upload capacity, which results in high-speed internet for everyone in your home.

Fiber technology also allows for low latency. Meaning you do not have to worry about buffering while watching your favorite videos online, and you should have no lagging issues when gaming online.

Are you curious about Verizon-FiOS? Let’s take a look at their exciting home internet plan:

Verizon FiOS offers three of the following home internet plans for their customers:

  1. 300 Mbps plan
  2. 500 Mbps plan
  3. 1Gig- Streaming plan


300 Mbps – As the name suggests, with this plan, you can get 300/300 (download/upload) Mbps as the internet speed. This plan cost you $24.99/mo. You should also get the router at the rental price included with the plan price. Along with that, there is no price hike for the first two years! 

500 Mbps – The 500 Mbps plan is mostly identical to the 300 Mbps option, with a change in the internet speed. With 500 Mbps, you get 500M bps for both upload and download speed. This makes it a sweet spot for users and even gamers who regularly consume a lot of content. The plan costs $44.99/mo. The router is included with this plan at no extra cost. This 500 Mbps plan comes with no price hike for the first three years!

Now, for the ultimate plan!

1 Gig (recommended plan) – If you are a gamer or have a gamer in your household, a 1 Gig plan is simply the best option money can buy. Thanks to the 940/880 Mbps (download/upload) internet speeds, you can say bye to high ping and focus more on getting that battle royale victory or clearing that tough dungeon in MMO. The plan costs $64.99/mo with a 4-year price guarantee.

All the plans have UNLIMITED DATA CAPS. Meaning, you can surf, watch your favorite content, and game all day long!

There are NO hidden or annual contracts.

Lastly, you can get FiOS internet for FREE*! If you are eligible for the ACP program, you can get FiOS home internet for free thanks to FiOS forward discount.

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Lastly, Why FiOS?

With Verizon FiOS, you can work smarter, not harder! Download high-quality content for your meetings in a jiffy.

Second, reliable coverage. NO NEED TO WORRY about last-minute internet disconnections in your important meetings. Be present all the time!

Lastly, break that ping wall. If you are a gamer, ping is your archenemy. With 1 Gig of internet speed, you can say you have an archenemy no more! Get that multiplayer win gloriously!

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