A Guide to the Price of Landlines

Even though a lot of people have cell phones, they often choose to have a landline for their home phone for enhanced security, accurate 911 responses, call clarity and cost savings to name a few.

If you are planning to get a landline, here is some information about landlines and the cost associated with them.

Typical landline costs:

Phone service that’s basic which includes unlimited calls locally will generally cost between $15 and $30 each month, and this depends on other features. Some companies charge $20 to $30 each month for a residential line and it includes features like voicemail, call waiting and caller ID.

Service plans which include long-distance and local calling run $30 to $45 each month. The plans typically come with other features like call waiting and caller ID.

Some of the phone companies connect the calls over high-speed internet. These plans allow local and long distance calls for approximately $10 to $30 each month with a commitment of one year and an introductory $10 price each month for 12 – 24 months.

A business calling plan for a single line usually will cost anywhere from $25 to $60 each month. Multiple line plans will cost more.

What the Line Should Include:

All landlines for home phones should have unlimited calling locally and be listed in the local phonebook along with 911 access.

Some of the plans could include things like call waiting, voicemail and caller ID.

Additional costs:

Local and Federal Taxes: Some additional charges like local and federal taxes will apply to a phone line. Usually the taxes will be under 1% of your total bill.

Insurance: Maintenance insurance is optional, and it is on your bill as a premium monthly, it can cover service interruptions and any wiring repairs in your home. This can cost between $5 and $10 each month (depending on the carrier).

Account Setup Fees: Sometimes phone plans will require a one-time fee for things like activation, equipment purchase or rental installation and setup.

Landline Phones: A phone line will require that you buy a phone or phones for different locations inside your business or home. A popular option is a cordless phone and they cost anywhere between $10 and $300, based on the phone’s features.


Low Income Assistance: In states such as California, low income households can receive a discount on their basic home line. The price can range anywhere from $6-$10 monthly and it comes with unlimited local calls. To qualify for this discount you will have to provide proof, which is determined by each carrier.

Package / Bundle Discounts: When you bundle your phone service with other types of services such as television or internet service, most providers will offer you bundled discount offers and promotions. There are a lot of companies who will offer discounted rates.

Other Facts about Landlines:

Transferring Numbers: When you are switching providers for your landline, you can usually transfer the phone number that you already have to your new provider.

Determine Phone Usage: When you are selecting a service for your phone line, look at previous bills for your phone. This is going to give you a good estimation of how many calls you’re making long distance, in your state and locally.

If you’re shopping for a home phone provider, these are the things that you want to consider so you can find the best deal in your area.

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