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Reasons to Choose AT&T U-verse

AT&T has long been a top provider in the telecommunications space, and this continues to hold true with its AT&T U-verse TV service offers.

AT&T U-verse TV is well known for being one of the top valued services on the market, thanks to its large selection of channels and advanced HD options, all at an affordable price.

Customer Satisfaction

With so many features, there’s no wondering why AT&T U-verse TV scores so high in regards to customer satisfaction.

  • Large channel selection
  • More HD channels than the competition
  • Installation cost included
  • Shorter contract length


  • DVR equipment has some catching up to do
  • Not available in all markets

AT&T U-verse TV Total Home DVR

In today’s day and age, DVR technology is a must. Even though the AT&T U-verse TV DVR service doesn’t always receive the best ratings, it still has plenty to offer:

  • Storage: 1 TB, which equals approximately 165 hours of HD recording
  • Simultaneous recordings: Record up to 4 shows at once
  • Price: Included with your package
  • Number of TVs per DVR: up to 8 through the use of additional receivers
  • Extra features: watch and manage your recordings from anywhere with the AT&T app

AT&T U-verse Internet Service

In addition to television, AT&T has two distinct internet services. While not available in all areas, you may be able to combine internet service with AT&T U-verse to save money.

AT&T Internet

  • DSL hybrid service at a cost of $40 to $60 per month
  • Equipment included
  • Installation fee of up to $99
  • 5 – 100 Mbps download speeds
  • 1 TB Data cap when purchased as a standalone

AT&T Fiber

  • Fiber optic service at a cost of $60 to $80 per month
  • Equipment included
  • Installation fee of up to $99
  • 100 – 1,000 Mbps download speeds
  • 1 TB Data cap when purchased as a standalone

Additional Information

Installation and Setup
AT&T U-verse continues to score at the top of the industry in this area, thanks to a streamlined and simplified installation process.

Although installation can take longer than some competitors, with an inexpensive $35 activation fee it’s well worth it.

Channel Selection
AT&T U-verse wins big here, thanks in large part to its large channel selection which includes 550+ channels and 200+ channels in HD.

For those who want access to every channel imaginable, AT&T U-verse is hard to beat.

AT&T U-verse struggled with reliability early on, but has made up a lot of ground as of late.
As a fiber optic service, it’s more reliable than traditional cable, which is why many people prefer it and continue to make the change.

With a one-year contract (as opposed to the two required by other providers), you don’t have to lock yourself into a long-term deal with AT&T U-verse.

Also, AT&T U-verse is known for providing more channels than the competition at a lower price.

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