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Satellite television and digital cable TV offer you a front row seat to the very newest in home entertainment. Even though they both can offer you the same product, there are pros and cons to cable and satellite services. Below are some things to consider when deciding on what type of television service is best.

Comparing Cable and Satellite TV

What is satellite TV?

Satellite TV relies on a digital data signal from satellites orbiting above your home in outer space. The satellite dish that’s placed outside of your home acts like the antenna for collecting signals that are then routed to your home’s televisions through coaxial cables that have been connected to receivers. All of your televisions pull their signal from one dish but each TV must be connected to a corresponding receiver to work. Satellite TV is a good option if you live in a rural area or looking for an alternative to cable television.

What is cable TV?

When you choose digital cable, the signals sent terrestrially over cable lines (versus through space), outside your home, which connect to the receiver, outside of your home, and go into the home by way of other coaxial cables. Today’s cable systems can now deliver the same quality of picture as satellite, and in bad weather.

Finding the best deal

The cost between cable and satellite providers will differ based on the channels that you want. Other services like sports, movies, and HDTV channels are going to cost extra. You may have to pay a fee for renting the equipment, based on what service you use, and you may also have to pay money for equipment and installation up front.

How each works and cost

The basic cost for cable is similar to basic satellite. When comparing prices, make sure that you’re including the costs of renting the equipment and look for promotional deals and bundles. Even though there are really low rates, remember that the promotional cost will adjust after your introductory period has lapsed.


Cable TV
Compared with satellite, which works anywhere, cable is only available in areas where the cable wiring already exists. It’s from these access points where it’s connected to the house. If the cable isn’t passing by your house, it might not be an option for you. If you live in a city or town, you’ll have a much better chance of being able to get cable.

Satellite TV
With satellite, its only requirement is that the dish is pointed towards the sky so that the signal from space can be received. That’s the reason why a lot of people choose it when they live in rural areas. It’s often not practical for people who live in cities for using satellite since the signal is often blocked by high rises. If you’re renting, too, often you’re going to have to clear it with the landlord before you install the dish.

Save on Cable and Satellite TV Services

Most TV providers offer a discount if you bundle residential cable and satellite TV services, fiber optic high-speed internet, and digital home phone service plans.

When you are ready to switch cable or satellite providers, remember to carefully consider your current location (city, town or rural area) and channel requirements. This will help you with finding the best TV deal and the best service for your money. This way you can enjoy watching high definition television without spending more than you have to.

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