On June 26, 2006, AT&T commercially launched AT&T U-verse in San Antonio. AT&T U-verse expanded its availability across multiple regions over the course of several years, gradually reaching nationwide coverage. On December 22, 2008, AT&T announced that AT&T U-Verse amassed 2.8 million subscribers. After 14 years of running, on April 3rd, 2020, AT&T announced the following message on its U-verse TV page:

“Important U-verse update: U-verse TV is no longer available to new customers. Current users can continue to access the service.”

It was evident that AT&T was going to take action about AT&T discount U-verse TV and ATT Internet through U-verse thanks to the decline of subscribers.

But why? Why has AT&T decided to not provide U-verse to new customers? We will discuss this, along with the recent changes and some things you should know about AT&T’s service for new customers.

The Reason AT&T “Stopped” U-Verse

The exact reason for AT&T to stop the U-verse service is unclear. Some say it was due to the decline of its customer base. Some say that AT&T wants to reinvent the service and that is why they “stopped” AT&T discount U-verse TV and Internet. The official AT&T statement was first announced by Philips Swann, a TV Answer Man publisher, and he stated, “To help our employees serve our existing customers, we’re no longer selling U-verse. Service for existing U-verse TV customers will not be impacted.”

As you can see, the statement is vague and not clear why the service is stopped; But, as we know, existing customers are not to worry. You can continue to enjoy the benefits of U-verse, but that too can be changed down the line, so take it with a grain of salt.

According to the path that AT&T chose, all existing customers will eventually turn to AT&T’s internet service and DirecTV.

This can be seen indirectly on social media. AT&T shutting down U-verse social media pages from Facebook to Twitter. All the promotional material is being directed to the It’s on AT&T Twitter page with a main focus on DirecTV.

One strong reason for the stop in the AT&T discount U-verse TV and Internet service can be the decline in revenue and the acquisition of DirecTV. After the acquisition of DirecTV, AT&T saw a rise in entertainment revenue by 1.6%, which sums to a staggering $13,000 million in the entertainment sector. At the same time, AT&T lost over 200,000 U-verse subscribers and gained the same 200,000 subscribers for the satellite TV. AT&T saw the potential in DirecTV and made a move to shut down U-verse. AT&T is still yet to shed some light on the concrete reason.

All we know is that, if you are a new customer, you cannot subscribe to AT&T cable TV or ATT Internet through U-verse.

So, as a new customer, what can you expect from DirecTV and AT&T Internet?

New Service, for New Customers

First and foremost, DirecTV is the primary TV service that offers high-quality TV shows and movies along with regional sports at the best possible quality. One of the main reasons why people switched to DirecTV is the flexibility of satellite dishes. You can now use DirecTV without the satellite dish, which can help to stream your favorite shows even in the worst weather conditions. As long as you have a home internet connection, you can watch your shows with DirecTV.

The flexibility of using the satellite dish alone attracted 200,000 subscribers. DirecTV’s line of features and benefits made it extremely popular among users.


DirecTV offers four main TV tiers to new customers.

The first tier is known as the Entertainment tier and comes with 75+ channels containing must-have sports, news, and entertainment. This plan costs $64.99/mo with no hike for the first two years.

The second tier is known as the Choice tier and comes with 105+ channels, including great sports channels for enthusiasts, as well as good infotainment. This plan costs $84.99/mo with no price increase for the first two years. This is the most popular package offered by DirecTV.

The third tier is known as the Ultimate tier and comes with 140+ channels with a great collection of entertainment, sports, and news. This plan costs $109.99/mo with no price hike for two years. This plan is perfect for a family.

Lastly, the highest tier from DirecTV is the premier tier. Comes with all the premium features and premium networks, such as MAX and SHOWTIME at no extra cost. The plan comes with a staggering 150+ premium channels, along with local channels. This plan costs $154.99/mo.

In all plans, you get high-quality DVR equipment for free to record your favorite TV shows, movies, and even your favorite sports games.

NOTE: DirecTV is no longer offering NFL Sunday Ticket. The new NFL partner is YouTube TV.

Choosing the right plan can be confusing, and that is why AT&T recommends a plan that covers both your TV and internet requirements. For high-speed internet and fantastic entertainment, AT&T offers a plan that costs $139.99/mo for 24 months. The plan has a plethora of features from high-speed internet of 300Mbps (both download and upload) with no data caps to 200+ premium channels. This recommended plan covers your requirements with ease.


  1. Is AT&T U-verse available to new customers?

NO, it is not available to new customers. Company officials have said that it will no longer provide AT&T discount U-verse TV or ATT Internet U-verse service to new customers. Existing customers do not have to worry, however. They can continue with the service, but eventually, they will be asked to move to DirecTV and AT&T Internet.

  1. Is AT&T U-verse the same as DirecTV?
    Almost all the services are similar. The main difference is how the service is presented to you. DirecTV is a satellite provider meaning all the TV services will be delivered via satellite. The quality of the content will be the same, if not better.
  2. What is the difference between AT&T and AT&T U-verse?

The main difference between AT&T and AT&T U-verse is the technology used for internet connections. AT&T U-verse combines fiber-optic and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technologies, while AT&T’s standard internet service exclusively relies on DSL.

Final Thoughts

If you ask us, AT&T made the right move by acquiring DirecTV. DirecTV has more coverage and is even planning on reaching rural areas. The features and benefits of DirecTV are great, from providing high-quality channels and accessories to enhancing your entertainment experience at an affordable price compared to other service providers. The same thing can be said for the internet. Great internet speed (300Mbps) and no data caps are the sweet spots for any internet enthusiast. Yes, it is sad that after 16 years of service, U-verse has stopped, but it is for the greater good. All in all, you are getting an upgrade at an affordable price from AT&T. If you are on the fence about choosing the right service provider, try AT&T. You won’t be disappointed.