If you live in an area that is very rural, chances are that you are having trouble finding the right internet service in your area. Below are the top options for high speed satellite Internet in the United States.


Viasat / Exede Satellite internet began back in 2012 and it offers American homes high-speed internet. Viatsat, one of the leaders in the technology of satellites, offers information and communication services that are satellite-based to the government, military and residents. The satellite internet is provided through the recently launched high capacity, high speed satellite known as Viasat I. An FCC report showed that the company surpassed the promised speeds to subscribers.

  • Offers download speeds up to 30 MBPS
  • Offers unlimited data on all their plans
  • Offers services nationwide
  • Offers free standard installation on any plan
  • Offers large savings on bundles of television, internet and phone


HughesNet is one of the country’s high-speed internet services that provides satellite internet to customers across the continental United States. This is an alternative for people who can’t have cable based internet because of where they live, and they provide the internet through satellite technology. HughesNet is a favorite of people who live in the rural areas since they often can’t get high-speed internet any other way. Below are some of the things that HughesNet offers.

  • Offers download speeds up to 25 MBPS on all their plans
  • Offers no hard data limits on their plans
  • Offers services nationwide
  • Offers free standard installation on any plan
  • Offers large savings on bundles of television, internet and phone

Dish Network

Dish Network is one of the United States’ first satellite companies that can offer residential services that are satellite based. After over thirty years, Dish is one of the biggest services that offers internet and television services that are satellite based. There are three packages that are offered by dishNET. Below are some of the advantages that Dish Network offers.

  • Download speeds up to 10 Mbps
  • As much as 50 GB of anytime data
  • Ability to monitor the usage of data
  • Ability to purchase more data
  • Services begin at just $39.99
  • Available throughout the nation
  • Customer support 24/7


The WildBlue service was launched aboard the capacity of the satellite known as Anik F2 back in July 2004. The second satellite, known as WildBlue-1, had been built by Loral/Space systems and entered service early in 2007. Back in August of 2009, there was service activated by WildBlue on their third satellite, named AMC-15. Back in October of 2011, WildBlue along with ViaSat, its parent company, launched another satellite, ViaSat-1, which is a very capable satellite for communications. This particular communication delivers broadband services throughout North America.

  • Download speeds of 12 MBPS for all plans
  • One free year of anti-virus protection
  • Price is locked in for three years
  • Data allowance of as much as 30 GB
  • Allows you to do anything faster online

If you are looking for a way that you can get high speed internet even when you live in the middle of nowhere, one of these satellite options is a great choice. It can give you the options that you never thought you would have.

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