Homeowners and businesses alike are always looking for the best internet service to fit their needs. The two most popular providers are Spectrum and Windstream. Which one is better? It’s a question that many people ask themselves when looking on the internet.

Spectrum vs Windstream: Both are two of the largest internet service providers in America. They both offer many similar products, but they also have some significant differences. For example, Spectrum has a higher download speed than Windstream, but it is more expensive. On the other hand, Windstream offers lower prices for its services compared to Spectrum’s high-end plans.

This post will compare these two service providers to help you decide which one is better suited for your needs.

Spectrum Vs Windstream: Which one is the provider for your home?


Spectrum Pros

  • Spectrum scored 63/100 and Windstream 61/100 on the ACSI, meaning customers reported higher satisfaction with Spectrum.
  • With Spectrum, you can enjoy cable TV in more areas than Windstream. They cover 33% of the U.S population compared to 3%. The availability is endless with this company.

Windstream Kinetic Internet Pros

  • It provides cheaper internet plans than Spectrum, with a package starting at $37/mo.
  • It provides symmetrical download/upload speeds. This means that you can get faster uploads than your regular internet speed.
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Customer satisfaction3.753.503.50
Overall score3.5/52.76/53.94/5

Spectrum Vs Windstream: Internet Plans

Starting internet speeds from Spectrum or Windstream will only depend on where you’re located, though the starting price tends to remain stable. Spectrum’s base speeds start out at 100 to 200 Mbps, while Windstream’s range from 25-200 Mbps. A Gig-speed internet service option is also available for both providers and availability varies based on location.

Which Internet Plan Has the Best Plan?

If you are looking for a good internet plan with fast speeds, then Windstream’s fiber plan is an excellent option. The Kinetic Internet 500 starts at $57/mo., but will increase in price after the first 12 months up to 75 dollars per month.
Spectrum’s 400 Mbps plan costs $69.99/month but is only priced at the introductory rate for one year, after which it goes up to a more costly price point of $94.99 per month. The best internet connection is 500 Mbps and you’ll never have to worry about how many devices are connected.

Which is the Affordable Internet Plan?

Windstream’s 100 Mbps for only $37/mo is the best deal, but what sets them apart are symmetrical download speeds. No matter how large your online task is, it ensures that you always have enough speed.

Spectrum provides plans with a 200 Mbps speed for $49.99/mo, and upload speeds are 10Mbps. However, if only Windstream DSL is available in your area, they have cheaper plans starting at 37 dollars per month, which offer up to 25Mbps of internet speed. Therefore, Spectrum is the best internet plan to go with if it’s available in your area, as it provides you with a speed of 200 Mbps.

Which Internet Plan Provides the Best Fastest Speed?

Spectrum and Windstream both offer internet plans as fast as 1,000 Mbps. For instance, upload speeds are quick on the Windstream network for less money than what you would spend from Spectrum’s high-speed offerings.
While Spectrum offers its gig plan for $109.99/mo., with 1,000/35 Mbps (download & upload speed), Windstream provides an even cheaper alternative at only 67 dollars per month with both download & upload speed of 1000 Mbps.

Spectrum Vs Windstream: Additional Charges

  1. Contracts: Spectrum and Windstream both offer no long-term contract internet plans, which means that you can cancel at any time without paying an early termination fee.
  2. Data Caps: Spectrum and Windstream don’t have any data caps, which means you can stream all day long without worrying about running out of bandwidth.
  3. Installation Fees: Spectrum provides a lower-cost installation with only $9 than most other companies, whereas Windstream charges you $50 for the same.
  4. Equipment Fees: Spectrum only charges $5/mo. as a router fee, and the modem comes for free. On the other hand, Windstream charges $9.99/mo. for the equipment.

Spectrum Vs Windstream: Customer Satisfaction

Windstream ranks slightly lower than spectrum internet in customer satisfaction as per the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). According to 2020’s index, Windstream received 61/100, and Spectrum got 63/100.
However, Spectrum scored a little higher than Windstream, but both the internet providers rank lower than the average customer satisfaction rating, which is 65/100.


If you are confused between two service providers, you can find all the comparisons in the post for Spectrum vs Windstream, so look no further. You can find out which is the right choice for you as both offer a variety of plans to choose from and competitive prices, there is something for everyone!
If you’re still not sure about these two providers, then look at their pros and cons below before making your decision. You may also want to check customer reviews on each company’s website or through third-party sites like Yelp or Google Reviews to see what other people think of them. Your home deserves high-quality internet with fast speeds.

Don’t settle when it comes to this necessary expense in life!