Are you looking for the best satellite internet service? HughesNet is your answer! With speeds up to 25 Mbps, HughesNet has a plan that’s perfect for you. So whether you’re a gamer, a movie buff, or need to stay connected, HughesNet has got you covered.

Today, the internet is an essential aspect of our life, but living in a rural area with no access can be challenging. The pandemic made this fact very clear – and previously, many didn’t realize how much our reliance is on these networks affects everyone. HughesNet satellite internet is one such provider who can genuinely offer service everywhere and more than make up for any limitations you might find on your location with their great value plans.

Internet Plans & Prices

HughesNet is the perfect choice with more expensive plans. They offer downloads at 25Mbps, with Uploads coming out a little over 3Mbps. The company provides promotional rates based on location too, so it’s easy enough to shop around until you find one plan best suited to your needs.

You could save $20 a month on your next two years of contracts with this offer. However, this savings plan is only for new customers, and it’s not available to everyone. You must lease or purchase from us upfront and provide equipment with installation included. You can get started by calling authorized providers like Best Cable & Satellite TV at (877) 909-4356.

The more you pay each month, the better your Internet connection. The current breakdown is as follows:

PlansMonthly ChargesMax Download SpeedMax Upload SpeedsEquipment CostsContract
10GB$39.9925Mbps3Mbps$15 a month or $450 one-time purchase2 years
20GB$49.9925Mbps3Mbps$15 a month or $450 one-time purchase2 years
30GB$79.9925Mbps3Mbps$15 a month or $450 one-time purchase2 years
50GB$129.9925Mbps3Mbps$15 a month or $450 one-time purchase2 years

HughesNet’s Gen5 plans provide a consistent speed for all customers regardless of location. This significant benefit sets it apart from other providers whose speeds vary depending on which areas you live, making it more likely that your download will always go smoothly. In fact, as per the Cision PR Newswire post, US News & World Report has named HughesNet as the best internet provider in 2021.

How to Compare Internet Service Providers

5 Benefits Of Choosing HughesNet Satellite Internet

No Hard Data Limits

HughesNet offers no hard data limits, so you’ll never have to worry about being cut off or overcharged for your internet connection. This is a relief as we all try to budget our monthly internet usage wisely.

Built-in WiFi

You can now connect all your devices in your home to the internet. This will allow you to streamline day-to-day tasks, such as checking email on a laptop or watching Netflix from bed with just one mouse click.

Fast Speed In Your Budget

With a download speed of 25Mbps and upload speeds of 3mbps, this plan is perfect for those who want to stream videos or play games online without any lag time.

Video Data Saver

It will enhance your streaming video experience even better with its automatic data rate adjustments.

Bonus Zone

With the 50GB of extra data you get during off-peak hours, your internet use will be smoother and more consistent.

Installation Fees

HughesNet offers a variety of packages to suit your needs. For those who want the standard installation without any extra fees, it costs $99, but if you purchase one modem from them for $450, this fee will be waived for good.

A standard installation includes a technician visit and setup of the HughesNet satellite dish and the WiFi modem.

Avail Emergency Broadband Advantage

HughesNet is working with a Federal Communications Commissions program, EBB, to assist those struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic with one of its most popular programs.

It is a perfect solution for individuals or households that can’t afford internet service. In addition, eligible families will receive a discount of up to $50 per month (and up to $75 for qualifying Tribal lands) toward your monthly bill. This program has been made available as an opportunity to everyone who is financially struggling. So, don’t hesitate any longer – apply now!

Bottom Line

HughesNet is the best reliable internet provider with consistent broadband speeds in all areas. This makes it an incredible alternative for those who want fast download rates and uploads.

Best Cable & Satellite TV has all of your favorite HughesNet satellite internet, voice plans, and bundles in one convenient place. We also offer the latest promotions so you can save money when choosing what’s best for you. So call us today at 1 (877) 909-4356 or fill out our contact form to reach out to us!

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