When you’re looking for a reliable internet provider, Frontier Communications is one of the nation’s largest and most reputable internet service providers. However, not all areas are created equal, with services varying by location. Additionally, Frontier’s DSL-based service is available in most places.

You get value for your money with Frontier FiberOptic. They offer download speeds that are much faster than most other providers, and their customer service is excellent. You can opt for frontier bundles today!

Frontier Communications Internet Service Highlights

Frontier’s fiber plans are a fantastic option if you have access to the company’s fiber network in your area. It also extends an exceptional offer for the first 12 months at discounted rates. There’s no additional equipment rental as it’s included in the price and provides unlimited data. Its fiber service is available without any contractual obligation for DSL service.

It is a great provider for those looking to stream their favorite movies, work from home or gaming. Not only does it have fast download speeds, but it’s impressive seven out of eight rankings in the Best Internet Service Providers of 2022 category, making this internet service provider one worth considering.

Frontier Communications ranks No. 1 in both Best DSL Internet Providers & Best ISPs for Gaming categories. Some of the best things about Frontier Internet are its great pricing, excellent availability in rural areas, and adequate bandwidth. It also offers two types of service: DSL (called Frontier internet) & Fiber service (called Frontier FiberOptic).

Frontier FiberOptic Plans & Prices

Fiber-optic technology significantly improves the traditional cable system because it allows faster speeds and more reliable connections. If you’re looking into getting fiber optic services from Frontier, their internet speeds range anywhere between 500 Mbps – 1000 Mbps depending on what kind of plan suits your needs best.

With Frontier, you can enjoy the fastest speeds and no data caps. So if your household is comprised of gamers or binge-watchers who work remotely from home with quick internet access necessary for their lifestyles, then this provider might be perfect.

PlanConnection TypeDownload/Upload SpeedPriceSuitable For
FiberOptic 500M/500MFiber500 Mbps$54.99/moMultitaskers
FiberOptic GigFiber1000 Mbps$79.99/moMultitaskers, Work From Home

Frontier FiberOptic 500 Mbps

If your family wants to maximize every device’s potential in use, this plan might be what you need. Seamless connectivity will not disrupt workflow even when viewing multiple screens simultaneously with speeds up to 500 Mbps without a data cap on uploads or downloads.

Frontier FiberOptic 1 Gig

This is the perfect plan for heavy internet users. With speeds of 1000 Mbps download and upload, you’ll be able to stream videos in HD without any lag! Plus, there’s unlimited data, even if everyone is watching Netflix shows at the same time. Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied if they invest in Frontier’s FiberOptic 1 Gig internet plan.

DSL vs. Fiber Optic Internet: What’s the Difference?

Other Factors You Need To Consider


Frontier’s internet service is typically offered to rent their integrated router/modem device. The equipment will have everything you need for connecting devices wirelessly through WiFi, and it’ll be standard in all packages from Frontier.

You can get self-installation (free), or professional installation ($75), but not every customer receives both options as part of their plan. So review all plans carefully before deciding on what option is the best fit for you.

Contracts & Fees

Frontier’s service is perfect for those looking to keep their options open without contracts. You can cancel anytime without the worry of an early termination fee, and they offer a variety of different plans that will fit any need. The best part about these plans is that they’re guaranteed for life.

There are also some other incredible benefits you can take advantage of when the plan fits your needs. The only downside, you can’t switch from one package type into another without having an increased price tag associated with your monthly rate – but there’s nothing wrong with investing in quality service providers. Additionally, you can expect a $10/mo equipment fee, $10 equipment delivery/handling fee, and $75 professional installation charges.


You can find Frontier FiberOptic internet services in 5 locations only, even when it has a presence in 38 states. So if you reside in Idaho, Texas, Washington, California, and Oregon, you may have access to Frontier’s FiberOptic internet services in your area.

Typically, fiber technology has limited availability, but its availability in the Pacific Northwest is unique to Frontier. Additionally, Verizon FiOS has built infrastructure on the East Coast. So if you’re living on the West Coast and require fiber-fast internet, Frontier is the best choice for you.

Why Choose Frontier FiberOptic Internet Service?

There are several reasons to choose Frontier FiberOptic Internet Service, but here are just a few:

1. Blazing Fast Speed

With Frontier, you’ll enjoy some of the fastest download and upload speeds around. That means you can get your work done faster, enjoy gaming or streaming your favorite shows without any slowdown.

2. Reliability

Frontier’s fiber-optic network is one of the most reliable in the country. You can depend on it for having a smooth, interruption-free connection all day, every day.

3. Customer Service

Frontier is known for its excellent customer service reputation. So when you choose Frontier, you know you’re getting a team that’s dedicated to helping you get the most of your internet experience.

Frontier FiberOptic Internet service is the perfect choice for people who want the best possible online experience. They provide speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second, and you’ll be able to download movies, music, and games in seconds and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite TV shows and sports. Plus, with no data caps, you can surf, stream, and game to your heart’s desire.

Frontier FiberOptic Internet service can be bundled with home phone service that includes unlimited nationwide calling and popular features like caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, and more. And since Frontier doesn’t require a contract, you can cancel at any time without any penalties. So if you’re searching for the best possible fiber-optic Internet service, look no further than Frontier FiberOptic Internet Plans or Bundles.

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