When you’re running a business in 2022, it’s essential to have reliable internet and communication services. Fortunately for entrepreneurs looking at Comcast Business Services as their provider of choice, many benefits make them stand out from other providers, such as innovative connectivity features or an extensive list of monitoring tools available with every plan type imaginable!

Keep reading to find out what advantages Comcast Business will bring you and some of the best Comcast bundles for your business.

Overview Of Comcast Business Deals

Business owners who need reliable and fast internet can rely on Comcast Business to provide them with a service that primarily uses an HFC network. Of course, the upload speeds will not be as high, but download capabilities still exist for those looking forward to business endeavors.

Each Comcast Business plan will come with:

  • Automatic backup
  • No data caps
  • Xfinity Gateway – an all-in-one router and modem
  • Free cybersecurity
  • Fast & professional installation
  • Dynamic IP
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Comcast Business has better reviews and support than its residential counterpart. In addition, Comcast Business stands out as responsive, widely available, and reasonably priced compared to other business providers.

Comcast Business Internet Plans

1. Business Internet 35

Starter Internet is one of the affordable Comcast bundles for small businesses starting quickly and efficiently. With its modest 35 Mbps, this plan can handle basic web browsing with ease but little else. It’s not recommended if you plan on doing heavy file traffic online.

2. Business Internet 100

The Business Internet 100 package is for companies with 10 or more employees who need to conduct online business. It provides speeds that can handle hosting and cloud-based applications without issue.

3. Business Internet 300

This plan is perfect for medium-to-large offices that need the speed and bandwidth to handle all of their needs and audio or video streaming. Business Internet 300 from Comcast provides a great price per GB when it comes to power in your pocket.

How to Find Cheap Internet

Comcast Packages & Bundles

Have a glance at Comcast bundles for the Internet along with TV, phone & security and decide which ones are best suitable for your business.

PlansStarting Price (per month, with 2-year contract)*Phone FeaturesTV FeaturesCybersecurity
Business Internet 35 + 1 Voice Line$70.001 voice lineN/AN/A
Business Internet 100 + 1 Voice Line$174.951 voice lineN/AN/A
Business Internet 200 + 1 Voice Line + SecurityEdge$110.001 voice lineN/AComcast Business Security Edge™
Business Internet 300 + 1 Voice Lines + SecurityEdge$160.001 voice lineN/AComcast Business Security Edge™
Business Internet 600 + 1 Voice Lines$349.951 voice lineN/AN/A
Business Internet 1 Gig + 1 Voice Line + SecurityEdge$200.001 voice lineN/AComcast Business Security Edge™
Business Internet 1 Gig + 1 Voice Line + SecurityEdge + Basic TV$237.951 voice line10+ TV channelsComcast Business Security Edge™

**Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Business Connectivity Features Offered By Comcast Business

Wi-Fi Pro

Wi-Fi Pro by Comcast Business is a great way to give your guests and employees access without giving them complete control. It puts in-depth analytics, robust network management capabilities with customizable promotional tools all at the palm of their hands!

One cool feature about this app that makes it stand out from others on the market is its splash pages which allow you to link directly onto any social media account or website.

Smart Office Products

Comcast Business Smart Office Products offer a variety of ways to keep your business safe, including 24-hour video surveillance and motion detection analytics. With these features, you can ensure that your office is fully secured!

A Comcast Business customer will enjoy content storage that can record all recorded footage for up to 60 days. Additionally, you can use the mobile app and view HD security cameras on Wi-Fi. Finally, Wi-Fi Pro provides another great Smart Office Product offered by Xfinity – read about what it offers in this section above. Undoubtedly, businesses would benefit from having these services at their disposal.

Connection Pro

With Connection Pro by Comcast Business, you can stay connected even when the power goes out! This cellular router acts as an auto-failover in disasters and has integrated battery backup with surge protection for up to 8 hours.

The Comcast Business Internet plan with Connection Pro is ideal for companies that need reliable, secure connectivity. The unique universal power supply lets you plug it right into your existing infrastructure and extend the range of cellular backup networks through an external antenna!


With SD-WAN by Comcast Business, managing your network configuration and performance has never been easier. In addition, you can access in-depth analytics about the health of all aspects through one console.

Comcast Business’ SD-WAN is the best way to save time and money by giving your business an edge in today’s competitive market. With MEF 3.0 certification, you can be confident that their solutions will always meet global standards and provide essential features like service-oriented architecture (SOA)!


Comcast Business internet is a reliable service with extra features to sweeten the deal. It’s not as fast or cheap, but it does come at an affordable price for small-business owners who need their broadband connection to run smoothly day by day! While there have been some complaints about outages here and there over time (just like any other company). These issues don’t seem relevant when compared against all of Comcast’s benefits.

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Experience reliable internet for your business.