AT&T Internet (formerly known as “U-Verse”) started as a telephone company but has since expanded into other forms of internet service such as U-verse fiber and DSL. They also offer television services through subsidiary DirecTV, one of the best networks in terms of consumer rankings for HD channels.

Cox’s cable network is one of the biggest nationwide, and it offers quality TV service at mid-range prices. So whether you’re looking for good internet speeds or not-so-fast ones, Cox can satisfy your needs with its affordable packages that offer both high bandwidths like 1000Mbps as well as low latency times in select areas!

Let’s compare the services of both internet providers and see who wins in AT&T vs. Cox Communications.

AT&T vs. Cox Communications At A Glance

StatisticsAT&TCox Communications
Connection TypeDSL, Fixed Wireless & FiberCable & Fiber
Price Range$49.99 – $69.99/mo+$29.99 – $99.99/mo+
Netflix Ranking15th4th Customer
Recommendation Rating
Customer Service Rating on ACSI64/10063/100

AT&T vs. Cox Communications: Network Coverage

Though both Cox and AT&T have a significant overlap in some regions of the US, their actual availability may vary.

Cox has strong coverage in suburban and urban areas. However, while the company is one of America’s biggest providers, there are many gaps in its national service.

AT&T has the most extensive reach, with coverage across almost two-thirds of America. But they don’t have service in many rural areas or parts of New England and the Midwest, which keeps them from having an outright victory over Cox Communications.

AT&T vs. Cox Communications: Connection Types

AT&T’s fiber-optic internet is the best, but it also has fixed wire service for rural customers. Cox’s network is built on cable lines. AT&T offers up to 940 Mbps speeds in downloads or uploads with a higher degree of reliability than other companies’ networks can offer.

Cox Communications cable is also a great option if you need fast download speeds. But while Cox can get your inbox downloading 940Mbps, upload-intensive tasks like uploading content to social media or hosting live streams might be slower on their network. Additionally, it’s not as robust with high-speed data transfer abilities in comparison to fiber networks.

AT&T vs. Cox Communications: Installation Differences

You can self-install AT&T or Cox if you live in houses that have been previously hooked up for basic Internet service. In AT&T vs. Cox Communications for installation, Cox Communications is an affordable option for installing their own internet service. For $20, they will mail you everything needed and provides detailed instructions on how best to complete the installation process all by yourself! Professional installations can range up to $50.

AT&T is an expensive company to deal with, but there are ways you can save money. The self-installation option may be the best one if your home has the necessary equipment for cable or DSL internet access equipment because it will take care of everything from phone lines all the way up to television service. However, if DirecTV satellite dish installation needs arise, make sure not only does AT&Ts $99 fee come into play but also any extra fees that might apply based on what services get installed.

AT&T vs. Cox Communication: Contracts

AT&T internet plans are all month-to-month, so you don’t have to worry about an annual contract and the risk of getting stuck with a plan that doesn’t fit your needs.

Cox Communications gives you the option of signing up for one year or paying an extra $10 a month. The early termination fee is 10% of the monthly bill, so remember if your plan doesn’t work out before it’s over!

AT&T: Pros & Cons

Fast Fiber InternetUnclear Pricing
No annual contractsDSL Speeds are slower
than cable
Wide AvailabilityEarly Termination Fees

Cox Communications: Pros & Cons

Affordable PricingFast speeds have lower availability
No ContractsData caps on all plans
Lots of bundle optionsLess coverage than AT&T

AT&T vs. Cox Communications: The Final Call

AT&T’s internet service is the best option for those with fast needs. But they have a significant exception: only areas that offer fiber can get their speeds up.

Cox Communications offers reliable and affordable service. In addition, the upfront pricing enables you to predict your costs easily and know for sure what it will cost before signing up with Cox!