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Cox Communications Cable TV, Internet, Phone Plans & Bundles

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Cox Communications

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30-day money-back guarantee.*

Get the plans you are sure you would love.

4 Services Provided by Cox Communications

Get the plans you are sure you would love. 

1. Internet

A whole new way to connect

You deserve a reliable internet service that will keep up with your busy life. Cox Communications have affordable, high-speed options for you. Also, Cox Communications has been known as a provider that offers excellent customer support in case anything goes wrong.

2. TV & Streaming

Watch what you want, your way

You can find a TV plan to suit your needs at our store, whether it’s an all-in package or one that allows you to add extra channels. Customers can also customize their packages, so they get exactly what they want!

3. Smart Home & Security

Smarter. Safer. Simpler.

With Cox Homecare, you can get peace of mind and control over your home with professionally monitored security while still enjoying the convenience of innovative technology. Now they even offer a new shopping experience to have even more flexibility in choosing what they need for their homes!

4. Home Phone

Phone That Fits Your Lifestyle

Chat with loved ones however you want, the way they deserve to be heard with 14+ features and crystal-clear HD sound on our newest product lineup. In addition, Cox Voice Tools allow for building a custom package that suits your needs!

Customize Your Bundle Plan According to Your Needs!

Didn’t find a package that suits your needs perfectly? No worries. Now you can create your bundle in 3 easy steps.

You can choose a plan, customize it & check it out. You can add or remove features like Tv & streaming or a home phone according to your needs. And only pay for the features you use.

Perks Of Choosing Cox Communications

  • Free next-day delivery to getting connected quickly on Internet, TV, and Voice equipment.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee*
  • Option to change bundles or customize your existing plans.
  • Get the same price, no matter where you shop.
  • Add or remove TV, Homelife Automation, and Voice to your internet plan.


Switch To Cox Communications Today!

Various Internet Options from Cox

Cox Communications provides various internet services for you to choose from. From Gigablast, their high-speed internet service to low-cost internet options as well. In addition, Cox Communications have panoramic Wifi, prepaid internet, and a special package for gamers.

TV, Homelife & Voice Home Phone

Get just one or get them all! All three services, including the internet, are available both in a package or an individual service!

Set up your plan your way!

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