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Best Internet & TV Deals in Phoenix

Phoenix has a unique taste in entertainment and nature. From desert terrain to a Japanese friendship garden, Phoenix provides great varieties for you to enjoy. There are a great number of things that you can do in Phoenix. Phoenix is one of the best places to try Southwest food if you are a food lover. As said, Phoenix can be a number of things, and entertainment is one of the most important on that list. Most people want to sit back and relax in their leisure time. So, what can Phoenix offer in those situations for those people? Cable or Satellite TV offers great entertainment and lets you watch your favorite shows and movies at your own place. Choosing the best TV package among the best TV providers can be puzzling sometimes.

If you are in that boat, then don’t worry. You are in the right place. We will discuss the best cable TV and internet providers in Phoenix and what they have to offer in detail.

As a Phoenix resident, you have two best options: Cox communications and DirecTV. Let’s discuss in detail how each provider benefits their customers.


Reason to Choose Cox Communications:

Whether you want an * individual or a bundled service, Cox Communications is the best choice to quench your entertainment thirst. Cox communications provide three tiers of triple-pack

bundles, which come with a TV, internet, and voice. Let us see the three tiers of service in detail.

  • Tier-1 (Standard Tier): Costs $167.99/mo. This standard package includes internet, with a download speed of up to 250 Mbps with 1.25 TB of data bandwidth each month. Also, you can easily get access to 3 million WiFi hotspots. As for the TV package, you will get 140+ channels with popular cable channels, such as ESPN, HGTV, USA, and TBS, and top broadcast channels, such as CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, and CW, without additional cost. And for voice, you will get features such as crystal-clear voice HD, block calls, caller ID notification, three-way calling, and much more at no extra cost. You can get all these features without being anchored to the specific plan, meaning there is no term agreement.
  • Tier-2 (Mid-tier): Costs $187.99/mo. This package provides all the features from the standard tier and has some features on its own. Instead of 250 Mbps download, you will get 500 Mbps download speed. If you are a gamer, this is the sweet spot to get the lag-free gaming experience that you are looking for. Apart from that internet package, all the features remain the same as the standard tier.
  • Tier-3 (Ultimate Tier): Costs $207.99/mo. This package has the ultimate features if you have the best internet, TV, and voice service possible. Like Tier 1 and 2, all the features remain the same except for the internet. Instead of 500 Mbps, you will get 1Gbps (1000 Mbps).

Now the common features that you will get across all the tiers are

  • Easy access to over 3 million WiFi hotspots
  • McAfee security suite to protect your data
  • Contour TV box with peacock premium service (free of cost)
  • 50+ ad-free music channels
  • Access to popular subscription services, such as Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu
  • Stream your favorite shows with the help of the Contour app

*Individual packages available only for internet services

Cox communication also provides a home life smart home, which helps you to monitor your home and improve the security of your home substantially. If you prefer, you could select a home life smart home in the existing package. Note: The price of the tiers will change when the smart home plan is added to it.

This is another advantage of Cox communication bundles. You can mix and match your requirements and pay for only what you expect. You can do that for the TV package if you want to add more channels. Because of that flexibility, Cox is one of the best TV and internet providers in Phoenix.

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Reason to Choose DirecTV:

DirecTV is probably the most popular among TV providers in Phoenix and most major metropolitan areas in the United States. Their great channel line-up at an affordable cost is one of the most important reasons, which makes them more popular among the residents. DirecTV provides four-standalone TV packages which include:

  • DirecTV Entertainment: Costs $74.99/mo, and the package includes 165+ channels, and you will get 60+ HD channels out of those 165 channels. You will get 45,000 on-demand titles, which you can access anywhere at any time. With this package, you will get Genie HD DVR, which you can use to record your favorite shows in high definition and store them so you can watch them in your free time. For the first three months, you will get popular channels, such as HBO Max, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, and STARZ free of cost, but after three months of the grace period, each channel will be an add-on with a price.
  • DirecTV ChoiceTM: Costs $79.99/mo, and the package retains all the features from Entertainment packages but with few variations. You will get 200+ channels instead of 165, out of which, 85+ channels are in HD. Instead of 40,000 on-demand titles, you will have 50,000 On-demand titles. One major difference would be the inclusion of regional sports channels and **NFL Sunday Ticket. All the remaining features will be the same as the Entertainment package.
  • DirecTV Ultimate: Costs $99.99/mo. This package includes 270+ channels with over 115+ HD channels. You will also get 60,000 On-demand titles which you can access anytime. The features remain the same as Choice TV, which includes regional sports channels, and NFL Sunday tickets.
  • DirecTV Premier: The ultimate package from DirecTV costs $149.99/mo. This package comes with 340+ channels, out of which 185+ channels are available in HD. Also, you have a staggering 70,000 on-demand titles that you can access anytime. The major difference from other packages is that you will get HBO Max and other popular channels free of cost when you enroll. You will get all the features from other packages without any compromises.

**NFL Sunday Ticket allows you to see live NFL matches, regardless of where you live.

DirecTV also provides internet and voice service, but that service comes in a bundle. Like the TV package, the double play also comes with four tiers. Internet service remains the same across four tiers. The only difference is the TV package. The internet service comes with 300 Mbps download speed with unlimited data bandwidth, which you can connect up to twelve devices at a time. For triple play, you will get voice service, TV, and internet. The voice service includes unlimited calling in the USA, Mexico, and Canada with features, such as call blocking, ID, and call forwarding.

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Phoenix’s Best Cable TV and Internet Companies FAQ:

  1. What are the best cable TV and Internet companies in Phoenix, AZ?

The two great options for Phoenix locals are Cox Communications and DirecTV. Cox communications are best in terms of its various features in the TV and internet bundle, whereas DirecTV provides standalone TV packages with great features, such as regional sports channels and NFL Sunday tickets, at an affordable price.

  1. Which is the cheapest cable TV package provider in Phoenix, AZ?

DirecTV is the cheapest compared to Cox Communications. With DirecTV, the TV packages start at $74.99/mo with great features and a channel lineup.

  1. Which is the best internet service provider in Phoenix, AZ?

Cox Communications provides its customers with four standalone internet service tiers ranging from 250 Mbps to 1 Gbps at affordable rates.

  1. Which provider provides more internet speed in Phoenix, AZ?

Cox Communications and DirecTV provide internet speed up to 1 Gbps, which is efficient for downloading larger files and streaming any of your favorite shows in high quality.


Final Thoughts on Phoenix’s Best Cable TV and Internet Providers:

Entertainment is a big part of our life. Each person has their own preferences when it comes to entertainment, but it is safe to say that watching TV can be the best of them all. For that, you need a reliable and best-in-the-market TV provider and package in Phoenix. As said, choosing the providers and the package that is suitable for you can be quite confusing. That is where we come in. We will help youselect the best TV, internet, and voice packages by selecting the best TV providers in Phoenix and comparing their best benefits, so you can make an informed decision on which TV package and provider is best for you.