U-verse is offered by AT&T and it gives you a bundle of different communication services which includes broadband internet, telephone services through VoIP and Internet Protocol Television. It’s sent out to businesses and homes through copper or fiber optic cables and it gives you advantages over the traditional internet and cable providers. Below we’ll look at some of the advantages that it offers.


Traditional cable and satellite services can only broadcast communications one way, and these are able to be controlled at the box. The IPTV will deliver content through the IP technology, and this enables a data flow that goes two ways. Data that is sent back then can be used for suggesting programming or customizing your viewing.


Since all of the services that are provided in the U-verse get delivered by the same cable – VoIP phone service, Internet and IPTV, they all are able to be customized so they work with one another. You also get additional control over the devices.

Selective Programming

The IP technology lets the service send the content through its connection the user has selected. This frees up bandwidth that will help with providing connections that are faster for the services. In deliver systems that are one way, all of the available content’s delivered as well as selected by users at the box. This will put a limit on the data amount that each customer can receive. Since the IP technology lets you communicate with the servers, only the content that you request gets broadcast right to you.


U-verse allows you to record and playback on as many as 8 televisions in your home. The service’s DVR service provides customers with 133 hours of Standard Definition (SD) or 37 hours of High Definition (HD) programming.

Recap on U-verse

These are just a few of the things that U-verse offers to you. A lot of people use and enjoy it. If you are looking for a new option for television and Internet services, one of the options that you can choose is U-verse. Check and see if it’s available in your area and whether or not it’s something that you want for your needs. If you have specific shows that you watch and you don’t care about a lot of other shows, but want fast Internet, it may be a good option for you.

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