The 2022 World Series matchup is set – the league heavyweight Houston Astros will be taking on the upstart Philadelphia Phillies, who wouldn’t have even qualified for the wild card if not for the expanded playoffs that debuted this year!

Sure, baseball might not be at the peak of its popularity anymore, but we still consider it to be “America’s Pastime.” Major League Baseball has recognized this declining popularity and made several changes to the game in an effort to make the product out on the field more entertaining. Regardless of where you stand on these changes, you can’t deny that they seem to be working and getting more people engaged.

The expanded MLB playoffs have made this postseason especially exciting to watch, and the Fall Classic promises to have plenty of intrigue. While we’re certainly excited to see the Astros can win their second title in six years or if the underdog Phillies can knock off the league favorite, it’s never too soon to look forward to next season. Whether you’re just looking for a better way to watch your favorite MLB team or you want to watch as many games as you can to ensure you never miss a moment, keep reading to discover the best options for you.

All channels that broadcast MLB games

  • FOX FOX MBL Season TV Deals
  • FS1 FS1 MBL Season TV Deals
  • ESPN ESPN MBL Season TV Deals
  • TBS tbs MBL Season TV Deals
  • MLB Network MBL Network MBL Season TV Deals
  • MLB Network Strike Zone Strike Zone MBL Season TV Deals
  • Regional sports networks (RSN) RSN MBL Season TV Deals

Each team plays a total of 162 regular season games over the course of approximately six months for a grand total of 2,430 games. This is the most games of any major sport by far, so you’ll definitely need access to both in-market and out-of-market viewing options should you want to watch as many games as you can. If you happen to live far away from where your favorite club plays ball, you’ll also want to think about getting out-of-market coverage so you can watch more of their games.

In-market vs out-of-market

Before we lay out all your options, we first want to make sure you know the difference between in-market and out-of-market game coverage. In-market broadcasts are related to your physical location, so if you live in New York, you’ll see a Mets or Yankees game when you turn on the TV. But if you’re a fan of either of these teams and live on the west coast, you’d be considered out-of-market because there are other teams, like the Dodgers, Angels, A’s, Giants, Padres, and Diamondbacks, nearby. You could likely only see your Mets or Yankees play if they were playing one of these local teams.

So, what does this all mean for you and your baseball viewing habits? Well, if you don’t live close to your favorite team, you’ll need to get out-of-market game coverage in order to consistently see them play on TV. If you just want to watch as much MLB action as you can, you’ll also want to get out-of-market coverage.

In-market coverage: Regional sports networks and MLB Network

As you can probably guess from the name, regional sports networks broadcast local games. Each MLB team has its own RSN, with some cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles having one network for the multiple teams that call it home. Getting a cable package with your regional sports network included is the best way to see your favorite team play consistently if you live in-market, and because the reporters, commentators, and other TV personalities exclusively cover your team, you’ll likely learn a lot more about the players, coaches, and organization.

MLB Network also acts as a regional sports network, typically broadcasting live local in-market games. The network also broadcasts a variety of original baseball-related content and coverage of the MLB. The show MLB Tonight is the most notable example of the original content that can be found on the network. Just like RSN, you will need to pay to get the MLB Network from your cable provider.

Out-of-market coverage: FOX, FS1, ESPN, TBS, and MLB Network Strike Zone

With those 2,000+ regular season games, the postseason, and the All-Star game and home run derby, it’s no surprise that you’ll need a variety of different networks to watch most out-of-market games. ESPN and FOX regularly televise MLB games throughout the week during the regular season, and FOX has the exclusive rights to the World Series. FOX also has exclusive rights to broadcast the newly introduced field of dreams game (although it may not be happening in 2023 due to construction). ESPN has exclusive rights to the All-Star Game and the home run derby. ESPN also airs primetime games on Sundays with their Sunday Night Baseball program that is akin to their Monday Night Football broadcasts. TBS broadcasts primetime games on Tuesdays and has the exclusive rights to two Division Series and the Championship Series for one league.

MLB Network Strike Zone is a separate channel from MLB Network and is very similar to NFL RedZone. Strike Zone provides whip-around coverage of multiple games taking place at the same time, showing viewers highlights and updates of the biggest moments with no commercial breaks. It only broadcasts during the regular season.

Key MLB events

  • Season start: March 30th, 2023
  • All-Star Game: July 11th, 2023
  • Little League Classic: August 20th, 2023

Whether you’re serious about watching as much baseball as you can in the 2023 MLB season or just want to watch more of your favorite team’s games, you’ll likely need to add a few new channels to your cable subscription. We are here to help you create the perfect package, and we’ll help you compare all your options so you can get what you want at a great price. After weighing your options on our site and contacting us with any questions you may have, just schedule your installation and enjoy!