Regardless of what cell phone provider you use, these services can be expensive. For some people, after paying all the other monthly costs, the cell phone bill may be draining any extra money you may have.

If you are like most people, you are probably searching for ways to minimize your cell phone costs. While changing providers may be one option, there are other ways to save on cell phone costs, too. Keep reading to find some tips that may help you reduce your costs.

Use Wi-Fi When Possible

It is a good idea to stay on a Wi-Fi connection as much as you can. If you don’t have Wi-Fi access while you are on the go, make sure you are smart about your usage. This means you should avoid streaming or downloading podcasts, music, and movies unless you have a Wi-Fi connection.

The fees for doing this and using excess data can add up quickly. There are some providers who may charge you up to $15 the second you go over your limit. You can stay within your monthly limit by using cellular data when it is needed, only. It is also smart to find a carrier that will send you a warning if you get close to your limit. Make sure you heed these warnings.

Limit Background Data Use

Even if you aren’t using internet when you are on the go, the apps on your phone may be using it in the background. Access your phone’s settings and look over your Cellular Data Usage for each app. Turn off any of the ones that you don’t use often. Making this quick and easy change will reduce your data usage and keep your battery from draining too quickly.

Eliminate Your Phone’s Insurance

If you are paying $11 per month for insurance on your phone, it means you are spending an additional $132 per year just “in case” something bad happens. A better option is to set aside a few dollars every month so you can replace your phone if the need arises.

If you still feel as though you “need” insurance on your phone, consider this – have you ever purchased a phone you can’t really afford? If so, it means you don’t have the cash on hand to replace the phone if something happened to it. It also means your phone is too expensive to your budget and you should reconsider your phone choice.

Sign Up to Get Paperless Billing or for Automated Payments

An effective way to reduce your cell phone costs with little effort is by signing up for paperless billing or automated payments. While this won’t save you a significant amount of money, knocking $5 off your bill per month will add up.

Does Your Cell Phone Cost Too Much?

If your cell phone bill is too high, it may be time to implement some of the tips here. Or, shop your plan around. You may find a provider that will give you a better deal.