With so many streaming services and the price of cable constantly going up, a lot of people have thought about cutting their cable and just choosing to go with the streaming services. But there are many disadvantages that you will find to cutting your cable. Below are five reasons that you might want to think twice about getting rid of cable.

1. Expense of Streaming Services

Streaming services can quickly add up. If you purchase a Fire Stick from Amazon or Apple TV, chances are that you are going to spend as much as $200. You also will have to pay for subscriptions. Sites such as Hulu and Netflix cost around $10 each month and the network subscriptions such as Sling begin at around $20 for each month. You also should take into consideration high-speed Internet cost, particularly if this isn’t something that you already have. If you are effectively managing the streaming services, chances are that you are going to see you’re saving money. But you also want to compare costs before you’re switching.

2. Sports Coverage

If you’re someone who loves your sports, cutting your cable could make you lose your favorite sports coverage. Even though there’s a lot of services, websites and apps that you can use for streaming your sports matches on the Internet, sometimes they can be hard to use. Even though a lot of streaming providers have started adding sports packages, these types of packages often are expensive and may not always be available to everyone.

3. Delay in Release

If you want to see things right away, you may not see your favorite show’s episodes right after they’re released. This is true particularly when it comes to Netflix, since they generally don’t release a show’s episode as it’s progressing but all at once. An example would be the show Fuller House.

4. Faster Internet Needed

With a lot of streaming services and people watching different shows online on different devices, you are going to need faster Internet. This is one of the biggest problems, especially for those who live in rural areas. So you want to see what is available for your Internet before you choose to cut your cable, since depending on what type of Internet you are able to get, it may not be feasible.

5. All Shows May Not be Available

There are some shows that you may not be able to see when you are cutting your cable. For example, it can be hard to find shows like Judge Judy and The People’s Court on a streaming service. If you are someone who loves these kinds of shows and watch them every day, you might want to see if your favorite shows can be streamed or if you won’t be able to see them without cable.

As you can see, there are five disadvantages to going without cable. The best thing is to make your own list of shows that you can’t go without and see whether they can be streamed. Then compare the costs. Then make a decision based on what you have seen.

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