Hollywood’s Best Cable TV & Internet Providers

Tucked away in the bustling landscape of Los Angeles County, Hollywood, California, unveils itself as an iconic district, known for its glittering reputation and historic charm. This legendary enclave isn’t merely a hub for the film and entertainment industry; it’s an intriguing fusion of tradition and modernity, a kaleidoscope of culture, art, and diverse communities that enrich its vibrant tapestry. Beyond the world-famous landmarks and the glitz of the silver screen, Hollywood is a neighborhood where history breathes, creativity thrives, and the spirit of endless possibilities dwells.

As residents of the world capital of entertainment, people living in Hollywood may be wondering how they can get the best entertainment at home. By signing up for the best cable TV and Internet providers in Hollywood, CA, Hollywood residents can guarantee that they have access to all the latest television shows and films. At Best Cable & Satellite TV, we recommend Spectrum, DirecTV, AT&T, and T-Mobile as our top choices.


Spectrum offers a comprehensive range of cable TV, internet, voice, and mobile phone packages, providing access to your favorite channels and premium networks like HBO and Showtime, as well as sports programming from ESPN and FOX Sports. They stand out by offering to buy out your existing contract for up to $500, which includes covering any early termination fees from your current provider. Spectrum also extends savings to qualifying households through the Spectrum Internet Assist program for senior citizens and children participating in the National School Lunch Program. They pride themselves on offering exceptional customer service and unique advantages, such as no contracts, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 1-hour appointment window guarantee.

Moreover, Spectrum presents an appealing mobile phone plan called Spectrum One, combining high-speed internet, advanced Wi-Fi technology, and one free mobile line for $49.99 per month for the first year. Their Spectrum Mobile service provides two flexible plans: Spectrum Mobile™ By the Gig, where you share up to 10 phone lines and pay only for the data you use, and Spectrum Mobile™ Unlimited, which offers unlimited 5G data, voice, and text. These plans have no contracts or hidden fees.

Additionally, Spectrum offers bundled packages to save even more when combining cable TV, voice, and mobile plans with high-speed internet. Explore their offerings, such as Spectrum TV Select, with 125+ cable TV channels and on-demand content, and Spectrum Triple Play Select, which includes high-speed internet and unlimited calling.


DIRECTV has cemented its status as a premier satellite television provider due to its affordability, extensive channel selection, and high customer satisfaction ratings. With advanced technology embodied by the Genie DVR offering ample storage and multi-show recording capabilities, it outshines competitors in terms of features. Moreover, DIRECTV boasts an exceptional customer service record, a rarity among cable providers. Ease of installation and setup, with in-house technicians who expedite the process, bolsters its appeal. While occasional weather-related outages may concern some, these interruptions are infrequent, with the company advertising a 99% signal reliability.

Monthly costs begin at $74.99 and extend to $149.99 during the first year, subject to increases in months 13 to 24. Even though a two-year contract is obligatory, DIRECTV’s ability to bundle television subscriptions with internet and phone services from other providers adds to its allure, making it a compelling option for many.

AT&T Internet:

Experience an unparalleled internet journey with AT&T Internet, available at a competitive starting price of $55 per month, with the added convenience of seamlessly integrating affordable voice services. Recognized as one of the best cable TV and internet providers in Hollywood, CA, AT&T sets the gold standard by delivering high-speed, dependable internet services powered by state-of-the-art fiber technology. Revel in blazing speeds of up to 5 Gigs, ensuring seamless online activities even during peak usage hours. Whether you’re working from home, engaged in academic pursuits, streaming your favorite content, downloading large files, or immersed in online gaming, AT&T Internet comes without the burden of data caps. Benefit from expansive WiFi coverage throughout your residence, facilitated by top-of-the-line equipment. AT&T’s internet packages offer symmetrical upload and download speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and transparent pricing, free from concealed fees, lengthy commitments, or equipment expenditures.

Former AT&T U-verse subscribers can effortlessly transition to AT&T Internet, unlocking enticing discounts and personalized package options. Should you require assistance, rest assured that AT&T’s award-winning customer service team is on standby. Furthermore, AT&T extends its services to home phone packages featuring unlimited nationwide calling and an array of useful features. With AT&T’s merger with DIRECTV, you can explore bundled packages combining AT&T Internet with DIRECTV’s cable services, providing access to a wealth of on-demand content, live TV, sports channels, and the convenience of HD Genie DVR services.


T-Mobile Internet simplifies the process of selecting a home internet plan, catering to those who value straightforward options. Their flagship plan, T-Mobile Internet, boasts an impressive 182 Mbps internet speed, thanks to cutting-edge 5G technology. This single plan delivers a hassle-free experience with several noteworthy perks, including unlimited data without any caps, price consistency with no unexpected increases, zero equipment costs, transparent billing with no hidden fees, and a user-friendly installation process that eliminates the need for professional help. If you’re in search of a hassle-free and efficient internet solution for your household, T-Mobile is a compelling choice. While T-Mobile does not offer a dedicated cable TV service, it does offer discount packages that include streaming services such as Netflix and Apple TV, enhancing your home entertainment experience. This well-rounded approach ensures that your home remains a central hub for both entertainment and productivity, all within easy reach through T-Mobile’s offerings.

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