Fort Lauderdale’s Best Cable TV & Internet Providers

Perched along Florida’s southeastern coastline, Fort Lauderdale reveals itself as an enchanting coastal city, effortlessly merging the allure of pristine beaches with the lively urban spirit. Often referred to as the “Venice of America” due to its intricate network of canals, Fort Lauderdale has a storied maritime history, making it a paradise for boating aficionados. Beyond its sun-kissed shores, this seaside jewel offers a multitude of experiences, from its inviting coastline and high-end shopping to a burgeoning cultural scene and a diverse culinary universe. Fort Lauderdale’s inimitable blend of tranquility and sophistication entices wanderers from around the world, marking it as a coveted destination for those in pursuit of an authentic Florida escapade.

If you’re a Fort Lauderdale native looking for activities to do when you’re not exploring the city’s beautiful shores, you might be interested in finding the best cable TV and internet providers in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Based on our experiences in the industry, we have chosen AT&T Internet, DIRECTV, T-Mobile, Xfinity, and Earthlink as the best choices depending on your needs.

AT&T Internet:

AT&T Internet offers exceptional internet service starting at $55/mo, with options to combine it with voice services at affordable rates. Renowned as one of the best cable TV and Internet providers in Fort Lauderdale, FL, AT&T provides blazing-fast and reliable internet using fiber technology. With speeds reaching up to 5 Gigs, even during peak hours, AT&T Internet ensures uninterrupted online activities without data caps, perfect for working from home, studying, streaming, downloading large files, and gaming. The Wi-Fi equipment ensures extensive coverage, enabling seamless connectivity throughout your home. AT&T’s internet packages feature ActiveArmorSM internet security, equal upload and download speeds, and unlimited bandwidth, all with transparent pricing, no hidden fees, annual terms, or equipment costs.

Former AT&T U-verse customers can smoothly transition to AT&T Internet with appealing discounts and customizable packages. If you need assistance, the award-winning customer service team is ready to help. Additionally, AT&T offers home phone services with unlimited nationwide calling, featuring a range of useful features. Following AT&T’s merger with DIRECTV, you can explore bundled packages that combine AT&T Internet with DIRECTV cable services.


Continuing on the topic, DIRECTV is a top satellite TV provider, known for its affordability, wide channel selection, and high customer satisfaction. It offers advanced features like the Genie DVR for ample storage and multi-show recording. Their excellent customer service sets them apart from cable providers. Installation is easy with in-house technicians. While occasional weather-related outages occur, they’re infrequent with a 99% signal reliability. Monthly costs range from $74.99 to $149.99 in the first year, with potential increases in months 13 to 24. Despite a two-year contract, DIRECTV’s ability to bundle TV with internet and phone services from other providers makes it a compelling choice for many.


T-Mobile Internet simplifies the process of selecting a home internet plan, catering to those who value straightforward options. Their flagship plan, T-Mobile Internet, boasts an impressive 182 Mbps internet speed, thanks to cutting-edge 5G technology. This single plan delivers a hassle-free experience with several noteworthy perks, including unlimited data without any caps, price consistency with no unexpected increases, zero equipment costs, transparent billing with no hidden fees, and a user-friendly installation process that eliminates the need for professional help. If you’re in search of a hassle-free and efficient internet solution for your household, T-Mobile is a compelling choice. While T-Mobile does not offer a dedicated cable TV service, it does offer discount packages that include streaming services such as Netflix and Apple TV.


Experience the world of connectivity, entertainment, and security through Comcast Xfinity Bundles! Unlock a superior online experience with a wide range of Comcast Xfinity products, encompassing channel packages, TV and streaming, high-speed internet, home phone, and security solutions. Elevate your home network control with the Xfinity App and Xfi Gateway, allowing customization of your WiFi, signal strengthening with xFi Pods, and easy WiFi access management. Dive into a realm of top-tier entertainment with Comcast Xfinity internet and cable, featuring live TV, on-demand content, and access to popular streaming services. Secure your home with Xfinity Home monitoring, starting at just $10/month, offering professional security monitoring, app alerts, and personalized smart home security systems. For worldwide crystal-clear calling, opt for Xfinity Voice with various plans and useful features like voicemail. Comcast Xfinity values its customers with rewards and discounts and also caters to businesses with advanced solutions, including powerful connectivity and cybersecurity options. Enhance business communication and productivity with Comcast Business’s unified communication tools and connectivity solutions.


Immerse yourself in a superior online experience with EarthLink’s internet packages, priced from just $49.95 per month, delivering an impressive 50 Mbps of bandwidth. Regardless of whether you require a home internet solution or robust business-grade services, EarthLink has your connectivity needs comprehensively addressed. At the core of EarthLink’s offerings lies a promise of swift, dependable, and rapid home internet service. EarthLink goes above and beyond by providing extensive coverage, surpassing most U.S.-based internet providers. Delve into the world of high-speed internet, with capabilities reaching an impressive 1 Gbps. EarthLink places high importance on recognizing that every household is unique when it comes to internet requirements. Hence, they extend diverse connection types to guarantee a tailored solution:

Fiber Internet: If you’re seeking top speeds coupled with unwavering reliability, EarthLink’s Fiber Internet stands out with the added perk of no data caps.

DSL Internet: This option offers a dedicated, always-on connection, enabling internet access without the constraints of data limits.

Satellite Internet: For those residing in rural areas, EarthLink provides tailored high-speed internet services to cater to your distinct needs.

EarthLink’s transparency shines through in its pricing structure, devoid of any hidden fees or unwelcome surprises. It ensures that you are always informed about the exact cost of your chosen plan, regardless of your preferred billing frequency. Should you require guidance or have queries, rest assured, EarthLink’s award-winning customer service team stands ready to provide the support you need.

To conclude, Fort Lauderdale’s captivating allure transcends its stunning coastlines, offering a rich tapestry of attractions and entertainment. When it comes to the best cable TV and providers in Fort Lauderdale, FL, AT&T Internet, T-Mobile, Xfinity, and EarthLink stand ready to address the diverse needs of Fort Lauderdale’s populace. Whether you’re seeking lightning-fast internet, steadfast connections, or a broad spectrum of services, these providers have the perfect solutions at your disposal.